Sunday, April 13, 2008

april 13, 2008

a few of my favorites:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

march 27, 2008

I worked out 3 days so far this week. I would have done more, but a certain little boy wouldn't let that happen :) Monday, I did 7 miles on the bike again. Tuesday, I did weights, then 1.5 miles on the threadmill. Wednesday I was at a little more then 2 miles on the bike, when one of the girls from the nursery came out. Beck wouldn't stop crying and they were doing all they could do, but nothing was helping. So I went to get him. Not sure if he is going through a growth spurt or if he is getting sick. He just wasn't himself. So then today (Thursday), I was going to go later. Maybe dinnertime. But Beck didn't take a nap today, so he was in a horrible mood. I just couldn't do that to Tom. I couldn't leave and make him deal with it. So I ended up taking the day off :) The scale has finally fluctuated a little, so there is still hope!

These are new flowers that we planted out front, along the walkway coming into the house. I love them!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

march 23, 2008

My newest obsession is taking nature pictures, especially flowers. This one is from the front of our house, next to the garage.

My weight is still the same .... the same for 4 weeks now! I have hit a plateau and I am getting so frustrated. I keep telling myself that I lost 25 pounds and my body is probably just trying to catch up. I am still going to the gym. I am NOT giving up. I know that I will get past this. It is so hard though!

I am also doing some research on varicose veins. I have them pretty bad on my legs. Varicose veins are different from spider veins. They are puffy and they hurt so bad sometimes. It looks like I have a trail of jelly beans down my leg :) They have been hurting so bad lately. Not sure if it has to do with working out or not. But I found a place in Tampa that uses laser to get rid of them. Now I just need to find time and a baby sitter to go in for a consultation.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

kicked my own butt

I pushed and pushed myself on the bike at the gym. I rode for 30 minutes and did 7 miles! I am so proud of myself. I was completely exhausted when I was finished. But it sure felt good!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

getting started

Since I blog for the boys, I decided to blog for myself. I am determined to blog more on ALL accounts. I need somewhere to express myself about ME. I decided that 2008 was MY year and I am going to take the time to finally take care of myself. To finally lose this weight, once and for all! And to find my passions in life.

To date, I have lost a total of 25 pounds. Woohoo! I am so proud of myself and I love that my clothes are getting loose.